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We offer a wide range of services to meet you and your preferences. If you would like more information about our products, current promotions and customization options or just for a free estimate, feel free to call us or email us, with any questions or concerns you may have with your trees or ceders.
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The tree causes security problems

Security issues are also related to the poor location of a tree, which was planted too close to a residential or public infrastructure. The removal of the tree can be demanded by a neighbor or a town counsel. It can also be a tree that was not a problem until now, that has been damaged, see partially uprooted in a wind gust or a storm. The threat of falling will then require taking the lead and cutting down the tree.

For health reasons

The tree is affected by a disease, a fungus or a parasite and no means can save him. It represents a medium-term threat because it will be increasingly fragile and can fall without control. More importantly, it can transmit the disease or parasite to surrounding trees. To prevent the deterioration of the other trees’ health, it is better to cut the infected tree as soon as possible.


Stump removal: several good reasons

Stump removal is the extraction of the roots and the stump after the tree is cut before leveling the cleared ground. The stump removal may be replaced by the trimming of the strain with a stump grinder. Stump removal can be essential for several reasons:

the land remained in strains can be dangerous to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians;

  • on farms, they constitute an obstacle to agricultural work;
  • in urbanized areas, they can interfere with their releases and suckers, clog pipes and damage the foundations;
  • rotting stumps represent a potential source of infection due to a fungus (Armillaria mellea in particular).


Why pruning?

Each tree has its specificity: street alignment, isolated in a park or protecting fro the sun in a resting area. The tree suffers everyday  from different hazards: wind, shock, aging, or even bacterial attack. In addition, pruning helps balance the silhouette and give it a particular shape.

It is important to contact a specialized company so you will receive an experienced technician’s opinion on the situation, on the health of the tree (dead branches, etc.) and the constraints it is subject to (branch on walls, hidden signs, etc.).

From this assessment and the essence of the tree, solutions will be presented to you. It could go from a simple pruning of dead wood to complete removal of the tree.


Why cut?

There are many advantages of having a cedar hedge for your landscape. The size of the cedars should be according to these  desired benefits:

  • Greater privacy
  • Create a healthy environment in urban areas
  • To create wall posts
  • Uniform density of the top to the bottom of the hedge
  • Adequate control of growth
  • Add value to your property

Cutting stimulates the emergence of new roots, creating dense foliage and it provides more privacy.


The procedure can start early in the season or between mid-July and early August. If you cut too early or too late, the regrowth will not have time to fortify enough for the winter.

Although pruning is best in September, Cedars being native to Quebec are very resilient and can be trimmed most any time of the year.

Other Services

Vine Pruning, Ornamental Shrubs, Fruit Trees, Lilacs.

What distinguishes us from others?

A maintenance service, performed by professionals who have had several years experience in the field.

We repair and provide maintenance of cedars-such as:

  • Attach the falling branches to allow more healthy growth.
  • Removing dead branches.
  • We will give you tips, and guidance to help you keep your cedars healthy looking during the summer season.


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